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FAH Stats
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08.17.17, 12am CDT
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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Team 0 - Top 2,000 Individuals Now Processing!06.22.05, 2:19pm CST
I completed the script to process *only* the top 2,000 individuals in team 0. I know it shows 1,997, but that is because of some duplicate usernames (stanford filtering out part of a username for various reasons).

It will take a week or so for the numbers to settle on that team, afterwards it should be intersting to see how they stack up. The best part for most people is that it fills in a lot of the gaps for the individual rankings list.

Forgot to mention...06.22.05, 1:18pm CST
Something I forgot to mention, I'll probably put it on the FAQ page also, but if anyone wants an old team file for some reason, I keep an archive of them from each update. I usually prune all the files every now and then because they do take up quite a bit of space.

You can get a file by using a URL as follows:


So, for example:

If you want the file of all teams, it is in the "summary" directory (instead of a teamid) but it follows the same time/date format.


Team 0 Users...06.21.05, 2:08pm CST
I just did a preliminary load of about 2,000 top users from team 0 (zero). The _ (underscore) user I changed the name so it was a little more visible. This should fill in a lot of the gaps for individual user rankings.

I still have some issues to work out, so until then I'm only loading team 0 data manually, it will probably be tomorrow before it is all done automatically.

User Summary Page Slightly Changed06.21.05, 11:14am CST
Someone asked if it was possible to see the date when a person joined. The best I can do is show the date when I first started to record their data. The earliest date that will show up for a person is May 1st, 2004. I had some dates for people going back to 2003, but I was unsure of the accuracy so I just mass-updated them to all start the same date (which is also the earliest date I have to team/user data). I still have the old data, so I can re-update users once I do some further investigation into these older dates if they seem accurate & reasonable. People that have joined since then will show their respective date. Here's an example below:

Also, you can browse through all the old news posts via the page navigation links on the right.

More features on the way...

Database Cleaned Up!06.20.05, 9:47pm CST
After running for almost 12 hours, the historical user data pruning finished its run!

Initially there was about 38.4 million rows of data, taking up about 1.1GB. Now there is only 13.9 million rows @ 376MB!

I'm about to run the 9pm update manually, starting at midnight it should be back to running by itself.

In the future this pruning shouldn't take so long since it will only have to process one month's worth of data (assuming I run the update once a month).

Aggregate Teams Added...06.18.05, 1:28pm CST
Google & Default have been added to the teams. In order to minimize code changes and eliminate any DB changes it was easiest to simply give them both a rank of zero. I also forced their color to always be plain old black, otherwise they would both easily be in the red.

Their stats are NOT included in the aggregate totals for the hover-box information. Both teams will only appear on the regular team list display. If you sort by any column they will dissapear. Also, they are separated out on graphs & overtake info.

I need to make a few more tweaks to the code, then I'm going to try and add in a couple thousand of the top user's in the Default group.

PLEASE report any bugs to me, I *think* everything should be okay (I tried to check all the pages). But I'm sure I missed something somewhere.

Look to the left...06.16.05, 4:57pm CST
I *finally* got a chance to add in another request some people asked about before. If you look below the "Time Now" you will see a "Next Run" with a time (in minutes). No longer must you do the math to figure out when the stats will run again. Nifty?

I'm also working on a general DB statistics page. Listing various information that I think people will find interesting. It will show up on the left navbar under the Stats XML Info link when I have finished it (hopefully sometime tonight).

I had an idea hit me the other night on how to prune out a lot of un-necessary historical information, based on "inactive users". If all goes well then there won't be any noticable change (except stats will process much faster).

I also finally got a dev server up with a mirror copy of the stats (and other DB projects) running MySQL 4.1 so I can test out everything and see if there are any changes I will need to make to the code for things to work right on the new version.

Lastly, I've decided to start processing Team info for Team 0 (The "no team" team), and Google. They will show up on the first page at the very top, separate from everyone else. Also, I'm going to try and process a couple thousand of the top individuals on Team 0 (if possible), this should help fill in the gaps for individual stats stuff. Not to mention just because they aren't on a team doesn't mean they don't deserve stats.

Fixed a couple things...06.07.05, 11:00am CST

Someone asked about sorting by user name (and gave a pretty good reason why it would be useful), so I went ahead an added it in.

I also made a slight fix on the page, now if you have the "active only" filter on and you sort by a column, it retains the "active only" setting (before it didn't).

Lastly, you can also sort by the "Change 24hr" & "Change 7days" to see the movers & shakers for both the team list & team user list pages.

Sorry that I haven't been able to do more with the stats. I'm just one person and I can only do so much at a time.

Before adding any new features....04.14.05, 10:54am CST
Before I add any new features, I'm going to have to trim some of the historical data a little.

I do have some new features that are near-ready to go online. Just a few more bug fixes and tweaks before it is public.

Currenly data older than a month or two is trimmed down to just 1 per day, however that is still a lot of data. So I'm probably going to trim it down to just 1 record per week for data that is several months old. Hopefully this will reduce it enough and help speed up updates (which have been running kind of slow lately).

I also need to scan over the processing code, I haven't made any updates to it in a while... though it is pretty tweaked as-is since I first started doing the stats years ago.

Stanford Stats Feed Broken...03.26.05, 9:28pm CST
Yes, I'm aware that the stats haven't updated since 6am CST today (March 26th). The data files that Stanford provides are all empty, so something must be broken on their end. It wouldn't surprise me if they are all out of town for the Easter holiday.

So please stop emailing me saying they are broken, it is beyond my control. The only thing that can be done is wait until Stanford fixes the problem.

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