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FAH Stats
Update: Current
07.22.17, 6am CDT
Time Now: 7:51am
Next Run: 68 min

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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Working on team summary page...08.01.05, 5:08pm CST
I've been working on the team summary page pretty much all afternoon today. Some of the user stats you saw before have been temporarily removed while I work on the code, please be patient.

The "future productions" graph has been moved to the team overtake page. It really seems like it belongs on that page more, like the invidiual overtake page.

By now you probably noticed (or not) the main team stats row on the summary page has changed slightly, there is now all the info as on the list page (and a couple extras).

Also new is the Top 5 Conquests and Threats. This gives a quick summary based on the same data that is generated on the main overtake page.

I have all the code for the milestones, I just need to work it into the existing layout.

Right now, it's time to go home and get some grub. I'll be working on the team summary page more tonight.

Been working on layout all afternoon...07.30.05, 5:33pm CST
What a way to spend an afternoon... At first I was trying to fix just one simple issue and it turned into a huge mess...

Anyhow, everything should be back to normal layout-wise... If you think something is not displaying properly please send me an email...

I made a mistake....07.26.05, 4:19pm CST
I did a little update to the user table, and without thinking it updated the timestamp column that stores when a user was first recorded.

Yep... *sigh*...

I'll see when my last backup of the stats is and if I can update everyone with their old info.

I might end up just removing that data from the table. I'm working on some other things so it could be considered a tradeoff I guess...

Update - I pulled the data from an old update. Unfortunatly it is about a month old, but it is better than nothing.

Made a minor little tweak..07.21.05, 1:38pm CST
I made a little adjustment to the code to help speed things up a little. A script will pre-fetch all the files from stanford a few minutes before each update. That way the processing scripts don't have to sit and wait for the files to download.

Still working on the new milestones page(s). Hopefully I should get it online soon.

Fixed Team 0 Script07.13.05, 11:29am CST
I guess my mind must of been elsewhere the other day. Anyhow, the code changes that I mentioned below have been implemented in the Team 0 processing script. So now *all* teams should have the same processing functionality.

Slight Hiccup With Noon Update...07.11.05, 12:37pm CST
I was cleaning up the code in the processing scripts, and I managed to break one of the files which in turn stopped the noon update.

I fixed the glitch and re-ran the update, so everything should be back to normal.

One change I made was when a new user is added. The way it *used* to go was a row was added with their figures all at zero, so points & WUs would go from zero to their current amount. This worked fine for new folders. However, for people who have been folding and get added (like teams working their way up the ranks or Team 0 people), this would cause a HUGE spike in their averages, throwing off many calculations.

To overcome this I devised a simple check. If they have less than 500 Points & 5 WUs, then their starting totals are all zeros, since more than likely they *are* a new folder. If their points are higher than that then basically I subtract 100 Points and 1 WU and insert the "inital" record with those figures. Then the current record gets inserted with their actual numbers. This prevents people from having huge spikes, and also from initially showing up as inactive. Not perfect but should be satisfactory for the time being.

Few Updates & Code Cleanup...07.10.05, 5:33pm CST
Okay, so I didn't get around to doing everything the other day that I wanted to, however I'm working on the stats as much as I can spare...

I updated the overlib javascript library and the chartdirector library. Both of these changes should be transparent, however let me know if any of the hover-boxes look wrong, or the graphs don't display properly.

I managed to clean up and optimize a couple of the processing scripts, still have a couple left. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, hopefully I can shave off a couple more minutes of processing when I'm done.

I don't remember if I mentioned this before or not (I think I just posted it in the forums). I did a test with a script that was multi-threaded, processing two teams at a time (since the server has two CPUs)... The performance improvement just wasn't good enough to justify eating up both CPUs for processing.

Anyhow, once I finish the code cleanup, I've got a couple requests for various modifications (they are in the folding stats section on the forum)... So I guess those will be my next tasks before tackling anything else...

Keep Folding! Keep Folding! Keep Folding!

More Code Changes! (Yippee)07.07.05, 11:53am CST
I made some more modifications to the processing scripts. I accidently killed the _ / (No Name) user in team 0, so it will take a week for those numbers to settle back down unfortunatly. (One reason why I hate putting an exception in the code for little instance.)

Anyhow, hopefully the changes should speed up processing time a little more (Assuming nothing goes wrong with the next update.) It's getting so close to the update (8min) that I didn't want to make any more changes. After the run I'll probably make some more and have them implemented by the 3pm update.

Keep your fingers crossed...

Minor Update...06.30.05, 4:03pm CST

I re-wrote some of the code that checks each team for duplicate usernames making it MUCH more efficient.

The old code would take each name (as it was read from the txt file) and search through the entire array of names already processed for that team. It was very simple to code, however the downside was that the array being created was not in alphabetical order, thus there is no efficient way to search through it. The more people on the team the longer it took to search, and that time grew almost exponentially. Example being, OCAU with 6.4k people took 16s to dupe check & sort, HOCP with 8.4k took 28s. (s = seconds if you didnít know.)

The improved code takes the first letter of each name, and drops it into an array that contains names that start with just that letter. (There is another array for all others like numbers or weird characters.) So now instead of having to do a random search through potentially thousands of names, it only has to check through a much smaller fraction. How much more efficient is it? Again with OCAU it shaved the time down to a mere 1s flat, and HOCP down to 1.7s!

Below is a little image I made to help visualize what is going (in a very basic sense). All the names that are grouped together really just point to their row in the master array containing all names for that team. After all names have been checked for duplicates, the master array is sorted (by total points) to determine team-rank, then inserted into the database.

The end results is processing time has been reduced by about 7 minutes. (I only have one update to compare to though.)

Updated a lot of HTML...06.23.05, 12:18pm CST
One visitor was kind enough to point out some various HTML mistakes in the code, so I went ahead and corrected them. This pretty much meant touching every template, and several files.

Everything should still look and function the same, but if you happen to notice any link is borked or something is not showing up correctly, please send me an email.

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