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07.27.17, 6am CDT
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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Team 0 Changes01.23.06, 10:36am CST
This is really just a post for Team 0 users. Incase you haven't noticed, the userid numberings have changed once again.

I was able to pull an old backup from the end of September and extract all the Team 0 users. From there I re-ran the updates for the files that I had on the server, which ranged from mid-December to current.

Most people should have reverted to their old UserID, I'm sure a few on the tail end probably got new IDs (once again). However, this should hopefully be the last time.

I've made several changes to the team 0 code to prevent the team from getting dumped when Stanford provides a bad data file. *crosses fingers*

Stanford Error...01.02.06, 2:37pm CST
Thanks for all the emails guys, however the problem was not my stats, it was an issue on Stanford's side. For 3-4 updates their data files were not listing any users, thus there was nothing that coule be processed.

An unfortunate side effect of that was all the team 0 people got purged & re-created because the data file was large enough to be parsed, but was missing all the people.

Anyhow, looks like everything is back to normal.

CSV Export Available12.31.05, 4:45pm CST
I made a quick CSV export option available for users. It will export ALL your data (Points, WUs, Rank). It only outputs 1 record per day max, but the info should be more than useful for people that want to do some graphing or trend analysis on their stats.

More info can be found on the "Stats Export Info" page.

Sorry I haven't done more with the stats lately. But free time for me is few and far between.


Small Update11.01.05, 11:40am CST
I'm sorry there haven't been more updates lately. I just haven't had any free time to work on the stats. Always too much to do and not enough time to do it.

First - daylight savings time change came and went a couple days ago. Sometimes PHP can act weird and produce erratic results in the stats around the two times of the year when the time changes. I didn't notice anything strange but there's always the possiblity it may happen in the future.

Second - I made a slight tweak to the team processing script. We aren't talking about any major speed increase, it was already tweaked quite a bit, but every little bit counts.

Third - I added in SQL_NO_CACHE to all the SELECT statements in the processing scripts. Since they are all single-use queries there was no reason to fill up the query cache with thousands of queries that would just have to be pruned later.

Fourth - I am only saving about 14 days worth of the raw data files now. I don't think anyone ever downloads them, but just so you know. Even with them being compressed they do take up a lot of file space.

I made a few other small changes to the code, but nothing worth mentioning. Hopefully nothing broke, I guess we will find out with the next update.

XML Update & Sig Images Update08.24.05, 4:36pm CST
I have made some changes to the XML output. Iit's likely to break any current scripts requesting the data. Anyhow, if you are one of the few people that use the XML, check the XML Info page (and view a request) to see what's new, it's pretty self explanatory.

I made a page for the sig images, you can find the link along the left sidebar. Right now it pretty much just duplicates the info found in the forum thread.

I still have other work to do, but...08.22.05, 5:02pm CST
I know I still haven't had a chance to finish the team summary / new user pages, but I figured I would give you guys this little tidbit for fun.

Any user (that is in the EOC stats) can generate their own sig image.

The most basic example is like this:

You can find out all the info about how to configure a sig image in this forum thread.

The stats are not broken...08.22.05, 9:54am CST
A lot of people have noticed their numbers jump in the past few updates. This is not a bug, Stanford is running a script to give credit to missing WUs. Read All About It Here!

I'm not sure how all those WUs went un-noticed, but anyways... Enjoy the free points while they last.

At a good stopping point for today...08.03.05, 5:18pm CST
I uploaded some more changes to the Team Summary page that I've been working on this afternoon.

Things to keep in mind under the "Team User Info" table:

  • New = New users within the past 7 days. (Change up/down is calculated based on the 7 days before that.)
  • Active = Active users, same as in the other tables. (Again, change up/down is calculated based on 7 days before that.)
  • Inactive = Total - Active Users
  • Total = Total Users
  • Avg PPD = Average Active User's Points Per Day (24hr avg).

Some of the info has popup percentages if you hover over the numbers. Also the "New Users" has a link that actually lists the new users. I still need to modify the table display to show the date they joined.

The production group totals should be an indicator on how your folders are doing. If you hover over the numbers it will popup percentages.

Don't get discouraged if the number of new members shows a big drop. I had to reload some of that data last week (see post below). It should be "normal" by tomorrow.

I'm still not done, so please don't freak out... If you do notice anything displaying incorrectly, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Milestones are up... sorta...08.02.05, 5:22pm CST
I still have to tweak the detail page some, however for the most part I have the milestones on the team summary page.

If you click on a milestone # it will list all the users in that milestone group. *A red star indicates they are new within the past 7 days. (When I update that page I'll be sure to include this note so people don't keep asking.)

The milestones will scale up infinitely. I think it should be easy to figure out how they work just by glancing at a few teams.

I know I still have to get other individual info up. Just be patient please.

Please stop with the freakish hate-mail...08.02.05, 11:22am CST
Sheesh... Okay, so I didn't get to work on the stats last night, I was tired and went to bed early what can I say.

This morning I check my email and get some really nasty comments about the missing data on the team summary page. Completely uncalled for IMO...

Guys, I'm working on them, when I'm done everything will be there that was there before. Hopefully it will be a better and easier to use format that actually "summarizes" various aspects of the team better..

After all this time have I ever done you guys wrong?

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