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FAH Stats
Update: Current
07.26.17, 6pm CDT
Time Now: 7:43pm
Next Run: 76 min

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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Stats back up and running...03.28.07, 12:29am CST

After re-coding a bunch of the processing scripts, the stats should be back to normal for the most part. I'm having to use a different data file for the users which requires some extra processing.

Tomorrow I'm going to re-code that again as I have an idea for a much faster method. The stats are really putting a strain on the server, but I'm hoping it can hold on for a few more months, I really don't want to have to upgrade to a bigger / faster server as that costs $$$ and time.

Yes I Know The Stats Are Not Updating!03.24.07, 10:15am CST

Sometime yesterday morning I think it was, my server was unable to download the stats files from the Stanford server. For some reason my IP has been blocked. I have contacted the appropriate person and they are looking into it. Until then just please be patient.

You can read more info here in the EOC forum or here in the folding-community forum.

Assuming nothing was wrong and it was just a false trigger, the stats should be back to normal hopefully today.

Moved Some Data Around02.18.07, 2:01pm CST

For the past couple days I've had a script going that has been moving extra records from the User History table to a separate Archive table. This slowed down the regular updates while it was running but in the long run it should speed things up nicely.

I also just noticed there is over 100 MILLION records in the User History tables!

Conquests and Threats Updated02.12.07, 1:00pm CST

I made a slight change to the Conquests & Threats table on the Team Summary page. First it now shows your team between the Conquests and Overtakes (to help separate the two groups). Second, the Conquests order has been flipped, this seems a little more logical since the closer overtake would be closer to your team. Third, if your team does not have any Conquests or Overtakes it will not display that table at all.

I'm going to be adding the same style table to the Individual Summary table hopefully today.

I also made a slight code-change when the stats are closed / on hold. Sig images before would just be broken or do weird things for people, now it still shows the image but says the stats are being worked on.

Sig Images Have Been Updated!07.27.06, 4:12pm CST

Two new features for the sig images! (Long overdue, I know!)

First, you can use a directory structure for the variables instead of a query string. This allows people to use the images on sites / forums that don't allow images with a query string.

Second, background 2 has been removed and it is now the default for a team-only sig image. If you specify your team only then it shows a smaller box (like the user only).

Check the sig image page for complete details and examples. Enjoy!

Back To Normal...07.20.06, 1:39pm CST

Well it looks like things are back to normal with the stats processing.

However, if your numbers don't look right please drop me a line.

Stanford Stats Still Not Working...07.19.06, 9:43am CST

I'm well aware of the fact the stats are not updating. As mentioned in the post below they are paused until Stanford fixes the stats feeds on their end.

Until the Daily Team Summary file and Individual Team Files are updated there is nothing I can do.

Go bug Stanford on the Folding-Community forum if you want your stats so bad, but please stop bugging me about it, I have no control over the matter.

Stanford Is Moving Their Servers...07.18.06, 7:11pm CST
Incase you never visit the Stanford site, they appear to be in the process of moving some of their servers. This also required a change in DNS entries. As it stands I guess some of the new DNS info has not propigated out because I'm having trouble connecting to some of their servers. Also the info that I can view has not updated since earlier today. Until they fix their stuff, there is nothing I can do. I paused the stats update scripts since they can't get any new info, or connect to the proper machines. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Thanks for all the emails...07.11.06, 12:46pm CST

I check my email this morning and get a ton of messages from people saying their stats haven't updated.

The problem wasn't technically my fault. It is a bug in PHP 5.1.4 (that is fixed in 5.2 snaps). The CLI shouldn't timeout (it should overwrite whatever setting is in the ini file), but it did. So when it would process a larger team that took over 60 seconds it would kill the script. I manually set these vars for the processing scripts so they shouldn't time out anymore. I manually ran the 9am & 12pm updates and they completed properly so everything should be okay.

If for some reason you experience any further issues, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Upgraded Some Things On The Server...07.10.06, 3:48pm CST

I did some server updates right before the 3pm stats run. It ran very quick and I'm not sure if it's just due to the upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5 or if something went terribly wrong.

If you encounter any problems with the numbers, please, please contact me immediately. Be sure to include as much info as you can! Simply saying they are broke is not going to help me any.

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