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08.17.17, 9am CDT
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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Moving Servers...09.08.08, 2:23pm CST

Okay, it's been a while since the rest of the EOC site has been on the new server and everything has been running smooth. I really need to cancel my old server because for the past couple months I've been paying for two services!

Today I'm planning on moving the folding stats over to the new server after the 3pm update. I'm going to have to close off access to the stats to do a proper export. If all goes well I'll have the stats imported and running on the new server by the 6pm update. Then it's just a simple DNS change and letting things propagate.

The stats will still be the same as they are currently, no big changes on the user interface / front end. The back-end I had to make some changes for proper support of the newer MySQL that we are running. Also, I am using the multi-threaded code for processing teams so everything should complete much faster. After the changeover to the new server I need to tweak a couple graphs / sig image things because of how some teams have reached higher point counts.

As for the new v3 of the folding stats... maybe by the end of this month? You know the saying... time flies when you are having fun...

Attention users of FahMon!07.08.08, 9:54am CST

I don't know how many of you use FahMon, I know I do! It's a great little program that monitors your folding progress on local and/or remote machines.

Anyhow, this is the email I got from Mitsimonsta of team OCAU and I thought I would pass it along:

We are trying to scrape together some cash for Uncle Fungus to put some big time development into FahMon. I was chatting to him earlier on MSN and he told me that he is going to basically re-write the core monitoring code which is about 70% of the code, and is what he inherited when he took over the project.

If you use the program and really like it, you might want to consider throwing a few bucks his way for all the hard work, there is a PayPal & Google Checkout link on his site. Same goes for any FAH program that you guys might use. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep these 3rd party projects going and supported.

On another note, I've had to side-line working on the new FAH stats these past couple weeks. Long story short, after the big power outage at my hosting facility and the ongoing issues they had/have, I decided it is time to move to another provider. I found my old ISP here in town offers colo in the Level 3 facility not too far from my office so that worked out perfect! I've been prepping the server getting all the sites mirrored over, all the services configured and running, and of course all the custom bits of code working. The day has finally arrived for me to take it to the datacenter and I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas eve! The stats will probably be the last thing to move over, I'm going to switch one site at a time and make sure everything is kosher. Just taking it slow to make sure nothing gets messed up or left behind in the transfer.

Sorry for the downtime (again)...06.04.08, 2:52pm CST

I swear this time it wasn't my fault... Supposedly a transformer or something at my hosting company's facility exploded and 9,000 servers went offline (The Planet facility in Houston). I guess I was down from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.

Everything should be back to normal now for the most part. I'm still slowly coding the new stats. There's a lot of new stuff and changes, it's very slow going... Maybe one of these days I'll post a few screen shots just to tease you guys.

Sorry for the downtime...05.14.08, 10:52am CST

Last night around 5pm the disk that contained the databases (for the folding stats, forums, main site, etc) suddenly stopped responding and everything went crazy.

Long story short after power cycling the server everything came up okay (as far as I can tell) and no data seems to be lost or corrupted. Just to be safe though I decided to do a full backup of *everything* which is a very lengthy process (especially for the forums).

The stats should be back to processing for the noon update today. I'm sorry for the missed updates but right now I'm still jumping for joy that the drive wasn't dead (well, not really since I was up till 1 am before I couldn't stay awake any longer and today I'm dragging hard).

Yes I do regular backups, typically on a monthly basis because of the time & capacity needed. So a crash would not have been the end of the world but it would have been a pain.

Chimp Challenge 2008 & Stats Server Stuff05.06.08, 6:27pm CST

It's that time again for the annual Chimp Challenge! Maximum PC, Overclockers.com, [H]ardOCP, and Overclockers Australia are racing to see who can reach 5,000,000 points first! The race actually started yesterday, I'm just a little slow to post the news. You can read more about the details & rules at Overclockers Forums.

A special Chimp Challenge page has been made (very hastily I might add) to keep tabs on the four teams as the race to 5 million.

On a different note... I had to swap out the (rather new) motherboard for the new folding stats processing server. It seems only rev 1.1a supports a full 12 ranks of memory, all the earlier versions are limited to 8 and have "issues" if you try to do certain memory combinations. So I figured I would get it swapped out while I still could under warranty incase I ever add more memory to the system. While doing that I also re-installed the OS modifying the partitions some and making a few other adjustments.

It's slow going with the coding, testing, and tweaking. I can't even begin to give an ETA of when things will get switched over, a lot longer than what I imagined at first. But also I'm adding in a lot of new features that were not originally planned. This is more or less a complete re-write from the ground up.

Finally Got The New Server Up And Running!04.25.08, 4:25pm CST

Been pretty busy this week, but after the last of the parts came in on Tuesday I was able to test out the system and make sure everything was working.

Yesterday I spent the better part of my day trying to get Linux (CentOS) installed. After a few unsuccessful tries changing various settings (thinking it was not detecting the RAID controller) I decided to install Windows XP. XP installed without a hitch, and even detected all 8 cores (though the 32bit version only detects 4GB of RAM). Next I tried FreeBSD 7.0, and that went through without any problems.... So by this point I was getting really frustrated. I even took out the RAID controller and hooked the drives up to the on board SATA and used the adaptec (fake?)raid mode... still nothing.

Finally it dawned on me... During the Linux setup, it was asking me for the install source, which I just chose CD-ROM without even thinking. BUT this is the kicker, it shouldn't ask that unless you are doing like a network install or minimal boot. For some reason it would not detect the DVD drive / channel for the main install portion. Weird I know... So I just did the install over the network and everything went smooth. *whew*

So now the system is up in running in a bare state. I still am waiting for the new Seagate 15K.6 drives to become available, crossing my fingers that should be soon. The best thing about this sytem is how quiet and cool it is. Idle it *only* consumes 100W (When the two 15K drives are installed you can probably add another 15-25W). Running at near 100% CPU usage it only went up to 175W (so maybe like 200W after the 15K drives are in)! Compare them apples to the Dell which used 350W IDLE and over 470W loaded!!! Yeah, the difference is like night and day.

So today I'm going to install MySQL & PHP and do whatever other configuring needs to be done on the new server. I might even start loading the folding data too.

I will try to take some pictures later today and get them online. I'm really surprised with the retail Intel heatsinks the system is still extremely quiet. I'm not even sure I want to bother with some huge Thermalrights.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of what the server looks like. The middle fan I had to switch airflow so it would blow cool air down on the RAID controller because it gets very hot.

Individual Stats Not Updating04.24.08, 8:10am CST

If you haven't noticed, the individual stats have not been updating for about a day now. Stanford is aware and working on the issue so please don't email me about it as it is beyond my control!

According to them it should be resolved within the next 12-24 hours. Until then we all just have to sit and wait. Sorry.

Still Waiting For More Parts...04.20.08, 10:14am CST

The last of the parts should be arriving on Monday & Tuesday... I ordered a couple retail LGA771 Intel heatsinks to hold things over until I can get the Thermalright ones. They were only $12 a piece, plus I like to always have some spares on hand just in case.

The only thing I haven't got yet are the Seagate 15K.6 drives because they won't be available for another week or two. But that's not a big deal, when I do get them I can just drop them and mount them to the DB directory and move the database over.

I spent Saturday looking at cases online. While I really liked the Antec Solo, it looked like it was going to be a tight fit, plus since the heatsinks had to be rotate 90 degrees it looked like they would have clearance issues with the 5.25" drive bays. Also I kind of wanted a case with a side fan to keep the RAID controller cool. So better safe than sorry and just skip that case. So then I was going to use an old Chenbro/Chenming/Antec/whatever case I had. It's that classic style that every case manufacturer used for a while. They are solid cases and well designed. So I started pulling out the existing components and when I was done I looked at the HD cages and realized I had only one fan bracket. Ugh... I suppose I could of just put the SAS drives in there and ran the WDs without a fan, but I really wanted the additional airflow. Then I started looking online and Aspire still sells that case, slightly updated. But before I bought anything I decided to go down to the local Best Buy and see what they had for sale and if they had any cases on display. After that I was planning on traveling down to the local Fry's... Anyhow, so I go to BB and what do they have? The full tower Rocketfish case on clearance still for $50! I took that as an omen and bought it... lol.

Even though it has two features I do not like (PSU on bottom and HD cages turned 90 degrees) I figure I can live with it. The case is very spacious and includes all the 120mm fans. It would of been nice for one additional fan on the top and/or on the door, I might have to do that mod myself one day. It does have a little fan bracket that sits over where a video card would usually go, in my case where the RAID card sits. So it should keep things cool. If not I have an old "Card Cooler" that I can use.

So, without further delay... Here's the assembled system so far (click on picture for full size).

Lots of feedback! / Parts on the way!04.15.08, 10:39am CST

Wow, the emails just poured in overnight! There were a lot of people that verified the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme does fit in the Antec cases... ;) Thanks for that, please no more emails on that subject... hehe..

Also got a lot of suggestions and comments on the hardware, and on new site features. Still working my way through those. If you are planing on emailng me, please make sure you use a valid email address, otherwise I can't reply back to you!

Finally, some of the parts have been shipped (or should be shipped out today). The CPUs, RAM, PSU, WD HDs, and MB are all on their way (supposedly). I talked to Thermalright about heatsinks that would fit (both the dual socket board & case), and they are going to send me a pair of the HR-01 X's hopefully early next week. They are waiting on the "new and improved" Xeon retension bracket. I don't mind waiting a few extra days for that... don't want the heatsinks falling off the processors. I still have a few more miscellaneous bits to order because I didn't get a chance to yesterday.

OH! Almost forgot... One reason you might have noticed the points are lagging behind Stanford's so bad is/was due to the Daylight Savings time shift. The Stanford server doesn't observe DST so what *was* a 2 hr time shift is now 3 hrs, which pushes it back an extra update. One way around this (that someone suggested) was to delay the update by 20min to ensure that stanford writes the new files. I'm going to sit and watch this afternoon when the files do indeed get updated on the stanford site. Then I need to make some tweaks to the prefetch code since it currently expects to pre-process some before the top of the hour. But basically I'm going to delay the process times some (probably 15-20min, depending on how long it takes for stanford to get the files updated) so that the updates will not lag behind that extra update. This is just during daylight savings... come this fall I can push the update time back.

P.S. Don't forget to mail in your income taxes today! (I mailed mine off yesterday.)

Long Overdue Update...04.14.08, 10:52am CST

Sorry for not getting any updates sooner. I've been patiently waiting for Dell to credit my account for the server that I sent back to them. It *finally* went through Saturday so immediately Sunday afternoon I started re-ordering parts.

This time I have very carefully done my homework, and I'm also very thankful for suggestions that people have sent in. This time around the server will definitly be much quieter and a lot more energy efficient!

I priced up several different configurations, from a single socket desktop motherboard, a single socket "server" board, and a dual socket server board... In the end the price to jump up to the dual socket was really minimal, and since I realized I already had a single quad-core pegged in performance it was probably the way to go for the additional headroom as I optimize code and the data grows.

While the Intel 5400 chipset is their top of the line, the 5100 chipset is for the more "energy efficient" crowd, as it doesn't use FB-DIMMs, just regular ECC Registered DDR2 RAM. So I chose the Supermicro X7DCL-I motherboard (that uses the 5100 chipset) as the base of the system.

Next up were the CPUs... Again, looking at the single socket quad cores pretty much the baseline was a 95W TDP. Intel just released some "Low Voltage" Harpertown chips that have only a 50W TDP! So I was able to find a pair of L5420 (2.5GHz) quads at an extremely reasonable price. The 2.5GHz seemed to be the butter zone for price / performance for even the regular E (80W) models.

To cool the CPUs, I'm going with some nice big Thermalright heatinks w/120mm low-RPM fans. Yeah, that's right, I said Thermalright. For those familliar with their products, you know that their latest designs use a pretty universal heatsink, and you simply use the proper retension clip to hold it in place. Fortunatly they make a LGA-771 clip, and even have a complete model (heatsink, socket clip, and fan clip combo) just for people with dual 771 setups.

For RAM I'm going with 2 x 4GB sticks of Crucial. It was a little premium over 4 x 2GB, but the higher density should equate to some power savings (especially not being FB-DIMM) and also for more expansion should it be necessary in the future.

For a power supply I chose the Corsair 750TX. Since there are no high-end video cards in this sytem, using a PSU with split rails designed for multi GPU setups would be kind of pointless. The 750TX is a massive single 12V rail, and under my expected power usage the fan should never have to rev up so it will stay nice and silent. I could of gone with a slightly smaller size, but not being 100% sure where the power consumption will end up at I didn't want to undersize it to where the PSU fan would start to get noisy. Also there was a nice $40 Mail In Rebate @ NewEgg (Expires Today!).

Final bits... I'm going to use a pair of the WD 1TB GP hard drives in RAID-1. These drives spin slower (use less power) and are also quieter. These will be used for just the core OS, backups of the database, raw stats files, and whatnot. The database will be running on a pair of 15K RPM Seagate Cheetahs in RAID-0. I'm trying to find their new 15K.6 models, I found one place online that *supposedly* has them, I'm going to call today and see if indeed they do or if it's just a pre-order thing. I haven't decided on the RAID controller yet, there's a few I'm looking at.

Lastly is the case... I have a couple around here that I can try out. I was looking at the Antec P182, *but* the issue with that case is the PSU is at the bottom, and the power connectors on the MB are at the very top! The given MB dimensions are a hair too small, and I'm not sure if the Thermalright heatsinks will clear with the door closed. If anyone has the P180 or P182 case and uses a Thermalright Ultra-120 or HR-01 heatsink, let me know! I'll probably do some googling in a bit to see what I can find.

So that sums it up... Most of the parts I ordered yesterday afternoon. The rest I'm hoping to get ordered today. When they arrive I will be sure to let you guys know!

In the mean time I've been tinkering with the stats code on my current linux box here getting ready for the new server. One thing I would like to hear from you guys, is what sort of information you would like to see (changes / additions / removals). I think one of the bigger things that people want is having adjustable time-scales for the graphs (hours / days / weeks / months). The "new members" will probably be put back on the main page but list only like the newest 5-10 with a link to the full list. I was also going to adjust the 24hr average to use a little longer time frame for individuals. I'm not so sure about the Weekly Points... I think rather switch it to a rolling total like points last 7 days (or week, verbage to be decided later). I was also going to add links to longer historical production so you aren't limited to the "last 7..." and maybe have some graphs with that data too. I want to add the ability for people to set time/date in their preferred format (sorry, I'm not going to change time zone info on the fly, that would just wreak havok with the numbers). Also adding in the ability to set your default team / username would be nice. Then I could generate some additional comparison pages and add quick links on the side to go directly to the pages you want.

Not sure what else I had planned, I really need to write my ideas down because I keep forgetting things (buy usually remember them sometime down the road).

Anyhow, your feedback would be greately appreciated since these stats are for you guys. ;) Just click the "Contact Us" link in the upper right corner, and send your message to me (Jason Rabel).

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