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FAH Stats
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08.17.17, 9am CDT
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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Team Summary Page Up!03.21.04, 7:29pm CST
Finally got the Team Summary page up, I'm not 100% sure I like the layout though. There are a couple things different from the previous version of the stats.

1. There are two graphs for history (instead of one), one is in Days, the other is in Hours.
2. Future Production graph is on the overtake page (I'm sure you noticed already).
3. "Current Team Info" has extra calculated fields. I'm not sure if I will keep them all. The new ones are:
- Points Last 24hr - 24 hours from the current update.
- Points Last 7d - 7 days from the current update.
- Points Last Week - Points from previous week (Sun-Sat), (obviously it won't change during the week).

I'm not 100% sure if the above mentioned numbers really make sense or not... let me know what you guys think.

4. "Last 10 Days Production" is just a daily total of Points & WUs, nothing new there. The current day increases with each update.
5. "Last 24 Hours Production" is pretty self explanatory too.
6. "New Users In Past 7 Days", this might be off because I accidently did some updates that threw off some people's join date. Basically it's just the day when these stats first start recording individual user data.
7. "Top 15 Producers" - This is calculated based on the 24hr Avg. As you can see, the top 15 producers are not necessairly the top 15 ranked people on the team.
8. "User Milestones" - Currently this only goes up to 200k points. I'm thinking I might make a "hall of fame" page for each team, but I'm not sure how I want to work that.

Anyhow, the individual summary page should be up within a couple days since I can re-use a lot of the code. It will just depend on how much free time I have.

As always, your feedback & constructive comments are welcome, just send me an email (via the contact us page), or you can post it in this thread that is an ongoing disussion of the new stats. I still need to dig up some of those old threads from before when I was asking people for suggestions, just to make sure I'm not overlooking something major.

Yes, I'm still probably going to adjust the colors some. Just haven't gotten around to it.


More Pages Soon To Come...03.19.04, 10:16am CST
I've been working on the summary pages, and the graphs and such will be back very soon.

However, I noticed one slight issue with the stats. The points increase between 10pm-1am I'm going to consider to be fore the previous day. Currently I total those points for the current day, which isn't 100% accurate.

Now the fun part is digging through all the code to correct the shift...

On a more positive note, I noticed stats update in about 10min, which is a lot faster than the older version.

Updated Individual Ranks03.17.04, 2:10pm CST
It appears that individual ranks were all off by one, so I updated the code to fix it. This is an issue in the Stanford data, not me. Also, if you are wondering who is ranked #3 & #5, that would be "_" and "anonymous" (no user name I guess).

They don't show up in the stanford CGI pages, however they are there in their summary text file.

Team Overtake Page Is Up03.14.04, 5:04pm CST
Amazingly enough, it took the better part of this afternoon to create the overtake page. It's on the sidebar when you get down to your team's page (the link says "Overtake List").

Navigation is still going to be a little confusing until I get all the pages up. My idea is when you click on a team it goes to a more general team info page (*kinda* like the old stats), not directly to the user list.

I also fixed a CSS bug which caused a lot of non-IE browsers to not display various colors (thanks mare_ for figuring it out!). And also the blue was changed from the dark navy to a brighter blue. However I still need to read over some people's suggestions for the various colors and point levels so those will probably be changing some in the days to come.

So to sum it all up... Features coming, colors & fonts changing, navigation sucks (until rest of pages come out)...

Keep Folding!

Forgot About Forum Link...03.13.04, 11:31pm CST
I figured I should repost the link to the forum with updates & discussion about the new folding stats...

Here ya go...

Oh yeah, also in the upper left corner, it tells you when the stats are updating, current, error, on hold, etc... The date is the late update.

Okay, I also just finished a quick page that displays all the individuals and have a link on the side. Before you ask me "Where is User #1,#4,#6,etc..." My only answer is they must not be on a group (Probably #1 is Anonymous).

I really don't want to re-number everyone's overall rank, because I don't have all the individual users data... What do you think? It would be fudging it, at the expense of having everything ordered nicely...

Basic Stats Online03.13.04, 10:15pm CST
Okay, I figured I would at least get something up because I'm not sure how my day is going to go tomorrow.

Currently there is only the basic team & user list. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. The rest of the pages should be coming along pretty quick now that I have all the proper data, base templates, and functions done. It's mostly just a matter of making the layout look nice.

Since there are so many new pages on the way, a sidebar was in order for all the various links. So keep an eye out for new links popping up. I'm sure I'll also make news posts about them.

Lastly, some of the averages may be a little low until Sunday evening / Monday morning because they calculate out based on previous 7 days.

A bit of info on the columns (I'll make a FAQ with more details later), also I'll be tweaking the column titles too:
Active Users - Users submitting data within last 7 days
Total Users - All users on the team
Change 24hr - Movement up/down within the last 24 hours.
Change 7days - Movement up/down within the last 7 days.
Points 24hr Avg - a 24 hour average points production based on previous 7 days worth of data. (This should make the numbers spike less and give more accurate time estimates).
Points Today - Points for the current day (starts at 0 each day)
Points Week - Points since Sunday (starts at 0 each week)
Total Points & WUs - Ummm... Yeah...

Lastly, I automatically added the top 500 teams to process individual stats today, so if your numbers seem unusually low then it will take a week to build up data. There were just too many emails that kept coming in that I couldn't keep up with requests. NOTE: If your team rank is above 500, but less than 1,000 and you want inidivual stats processed, please email me and I can still manually add your team to the list.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep in mind this is very early stages of the new stats, and the pages / layout are subject to heavy changes! I've only got two hands, and a million other things to do, so don't expect things to happen overnight. I do the folding stats because I enjoy them, however I have bills to pay like everyone else so work always comes first.

Side Note: I added one more color level (I'm sure you will notice very quickly) and adjusted the numbers for each level. I'm not 100% sure I like some of the new color choices or point cutoffs. I'm open to suggestions, but please give me specific color codes & numbers, saying things like "use purple" don't help me out much (and purple sticks out like a sore thmb).

Working As Fast As I Can03.13.04, 12:14pm CST
After a few setbacks this week, I've been working hard on getting something up for people to view because I'm sure everyone is going crazy without their stats.

I only loaded data starting from this past Sunday, so some of the averages might be a little low until a full week's worth of data can build up.

I'll be creating a FAQ on what some of the column titles mean, since the calculations are a little different from the old stats.

First Post!02.23.04, 8:03pm CST
Well I decided to switch the index page over to a more general style to keep everyone more up to date with folding stats and other general folding info.

Right now these folding stats are still under a lot of work, I'm adding in features just as quickly as I can.

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