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FAH Stats
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07.27.17, 6am CDT
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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

The heck?04.04.04, 6:09pm CST
I swear I made another news post and it saved it... oh well... here's another shot...

Time adjustments have been completed, I looked over all the files and everything should be find with the jump back one hour to the midnight/3/6/etc. schedule.

On the otherhand, daylight savings seems to have done its own freaky thing. PHP's mktime function likes to auto-adjust for DST, so it throws everything off before midnight by 1 hour. (and there are two 3am updates being displayed, which is a bug in PHP and should be fixed by 4.3.6). Anyhow, all the historical numbers shouldn't be affected (except for the double 3am thing), they are just off by an hour in the display.

By tomorrow evening things should be back to normal.

Shifting Time...04.04.04, 3:41pm CST
I'm shifting updates & time displays to:

0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21 hours (CST) instead of 1,4,7,... I was watching stanford and they update about an hour ahead of the NEW update times, so things should still be kosher.

Some numbers will be thrown off since an update ran at 1pm, then again at 3pm (since 1pm is within the 3 hour time frame). I need to go through all the files to make sure they are referencing proper time intervals and such.

Also I haven't gotten to fix the previously mentioned bug, I'll try to do that too...

Yet another bug discovered...04.04.04, 10:15am CST
Ugh... I found a little bug that mostly affects users with low production, but also can offset some other user's historical data a little.

Always something... lol...

Added another page...04.02.04, 8:21pm CST
I added an "extra" page for team & user pages. Basically this is just the production history by hour, and production history as total points. A couple people really wanted these so I figured I would throw them up on a separate page. I might be adding another graph on that page later, if I can get it to look right.

On a side note, I need to do some code cleanup before I really dive into the next big project for the folding stats, so don't expect anything big for a while.

Added Search... Working On More Navigation04.02.04, 3:32pm CST
I finally got around to adding a search feature. There is a help page (link next to search button) for more info. Please report any bugs you have using the search.

Also, will notice some more links on the search results that automatically go to a particular user / team on listing pages. I'm going to try and link that on more pages because some people have complained about having to scroll and search for their team / name in the lists. I believe I have the names hyperlinked on overtake pages, but will be adding more soon.

As for now, I have to go get my nephew a birthday present... His 1st birthday is tomorrow. (Yes, I procrastinate!)


Made a few changes...04.01.04, 2:30pm CST
I moved the future production graph to the team / user summary page, like the old style was, and removed the hourly production graph due to people feeling it wasn't contributing much.

On a side note, we have started a Folding @ Home Weekly Give Away Contest but you have to be on our team... hehe.

I'm going to be adding some more stuff hopefully this evening. I'll post a note once it is up.

Keep up the hard work everyone!

Scripts Updated To Point To New Stats Server03.29.04, 9:36pm CST
Just FYI, I updated the scripts to pull the data from the new Stanford stats server. Their old one is being shut down sometime later this week I believe. Let me know if you notice any oddities.


Individual Overtake Added...03.28.04, 5:52pm CST
After a couple requests, I've added the individual overtake page... Basically if you find your name in the "All Users List" and click on your name, it will pull up the overtake page based on overall ranks.

I've still got to work on navigation some more to make it easier to get around. But the next big thing I want to add is a search feature, and a 1-on-1 competition page.

Lastly, I added "Last 7 Weeks" production table to the Team & User Summary pages. A week being defined as Sunday - Saturday. The first row is the current week, just like the last 7 days table.

Fixed a big bug!03.26.04, 12:34pm CST
Thanks to Gerby19 for noticing a bug on the summary tables & graphs! Basically it was just some of the logic in the code how it calculates out historical points & WUs. People that submit only a WU every now and then should see a big change. People that submit points like every update shouldn't notice anything different.

Also, on a side note, I just noticed that if your system is unstable, and I guess you submit a corrupt WU, stanford will give you credit for the WU, but no points... just FYI.

User Summary Added03.22.04, 1:34pm CST
Well, it didn't take as long as I thought it would. The User Summary Page is up, I'm going to be adding links in other places to it (like the top15, and individual stats page), so just be patient please.

I cleaned up the Team Summary page some, and added the link for all teams.

Oh yeah, I also removed some of the fields from the general info on the summary page, like "last week" points for instance.

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