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07.22.17, 6am CDT
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EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

Starting To Add XML Output!07.30.04, 1:00pm CST
XML output has been a request for a while since some people like to use their personal stats for various reasons (like with CoolMon for example).

To start things out I have made available individual user data. The simplest way to get to the XML is to find your User Summary page, then add the /xml directory before the file name.

Example for my info:
- HTML - http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?u=32334
- XML - http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/xml/user_summary.php?u=32334

This pulls the data real time, but be aware that the stats only update once every three hours (as if you didn't know), so please don't query the data any more often than that. Also, this info is meant for personal use only! If I catch some person mass-querying data (an entire team for example) then I will take action to prevent it.

Besides some more XML data available, I've been desparately needing to do some data cleanup / summary stuff, and also improve error handling on all the pages. Hopefully I can keep in the folding groove and churn some stuff out, I know it's been a while since I've added any major features but I have a few things in my head that I think people will like.

Oh yeah, one last side note. I'll probably be adjusting Team Colors some, they still seem a little too high to me, and I want to help promote the smaller teams to compete / produce more.

Not Dead Yet...06.19.04, 5:10pm CST
Yes, it's an upate!

Okay, I know I haven't done much with the folding stats lately... Been looking for a job and trying to keep EOC going, so that doesn't leave much free time.

Anyhow, I added a cool new feature that I think you all will like. When you have chosen yourself on the user list, look on the sidebar for a new choice called "User Future". It will re-generate the user list based on however many days you enter. Valid choices are 1 to 365 days. The interface is much the same as other pages, you can click on your name up at the top for it to jump down to where you are on the page.

Next I'm going to try and implement sortable columns since that seems to be something people have been asking for a lot.

Individual Colors Changed Again...05.18.04, 10:21pm CST
After long debate, I think a final decision has been reached on the colors for individual points...

Users are color coded based on 24 hour average production.

Color codes are as follows: 0 / 1+ / 100+ / 200+ / 400+ / 800+ / 1.2k+ / 1.6k+

Team Colors Tweaked Some...04.30.04, 11:55am CST
After looking at the page for a day, I decided to lower the team colors to be the same scale increase as the individual...

So the new colors (if you haven't noticed) are:
Team color codes are as follows: 0 / 1+ / 2.5k+ / 5k+ / 15k+ / 30k+ / 50k+ / 75k+

Colors Changed....04.29.04, 9:34pm CST
Well, I finally got around to changing the colors... Team points increased 100%, and individual points increased about 65-70%... I think haysdb (from SPCR) was about the only non-EOC person to speak up with their thoughts on the points change.

Team color codes are as follows: 0 / 1+ / 3k+ / 6k+ / 20k+ / 40k+ / 60k+ / 100k+
User color codes are as follows: 0 / 1+ / 125+ / 250+ / 500+ / 900+ / 1.4k+ / 2k+

I think tonight I'm going to try and implement the code to start recording active users, so that a chart can be made to show how the team is doing over time... I have a to-do thread that's slowly growing with things (since I can't keep track of them all in my head).

I've been considering putting up a PayPal dontation button... I put in a lot of hard hours of work, but my biggest reward is just that you guys get a kick out of the stats. I can't even begin to count the posts at various forums that I read when someone starts mentioning their "color" in the stats, and how proud they are to have reached it, and everyone knows exactly what they are talking about. Seriously though, maybe I'm just too humble a person to ask for donations, but if you really want to help out, please visit some of the google advertisers in the banner across the top. It pays based on performance (i.e. clicks), and it's actually kinda cool to visit some of the non-computer related advertisers. I found a couple sites that sell some really awesome french doors and ceiling fans... lol.

Rather than just a single thread, I created a dedicated forum section just for discussing the folding stats. You do need to be a member to post (you can browse as a guest), registration is free and only takes a minute to sign up.

Other than that... who's excitied about all the new things coming out in this summer? We got ATI launching the X800 next week... Retail video cards should hopefully start appearing by the end of the month or early June (if all goes well). Intel is going to be releasing their Alderwood & Grantsdale chipsets which means support for DDR2 (finally) and some PCI Express action! Lastly we can't forget AMD and the long awaited socket 939 FX chips and boards... It's gonna be a fun summer, thats for sure.

Oh yeah, don't forget to visit the EOC Deals Page for some excellent deals on computer & electronics (and sometimes other things).

Where does the time go?04.24.04, 9:37pm CST
Weeks seem to go by like days... *sigh* Anyhow, I do plan on updating the stats when I get some free time. Unfortunatly I got to earn a living first.

I am aware of the points changes, I figured I would give things a few days to average out before I shift the colors to reflect the new points scale. (Plus I think a lot of people are enjoying their new colors.)

I might be able to add a few things in tomorrow, just minor stuff that I've been wanting to do, like show points from the last update on the main listing tables (so you don't have to keep going to the summary pages), I also need to do a little back-end for for better error-handling.

On a side note, I've been working on a PC database that is tied into the forum. I've only been telling myself that I would get it up for over a year or two now... hehe... Better late then never I guess. It's still in rough stages, and the search & compare page isn't up yet either... Check out MyRig.


No I haven't forgotten about the stats.04.13.04, 12:39am CST
Sorry there haven't been any updates or new features lately. I haven't forgotten about the stats, and I still have all the emails, PMs, and posts with requests and ideas.

Things have just been busy with the rest of the site, and of course this past weekend was Easter, and also I still have to do my income tax (yeah I know the 15 is just a couple days away).

I'm probably going to be pretty tied up for the rest of the week, so don't expect anything new until next week at the earliest. (Yeah I know I say that but I always end up working on the stats some when I take a break from work.)

Changed Colors Some...04.06.04, 12:34pm CST
I know how sensitive you all are about the production colors, and I went through great pains trying to find colors that were distinguishable on both bright & dark monitors, and not to mention looked good.

I toned down blue just a shade, not it's not as bright. Also the yellowish color is a dark red. I had to keep the bright red as the highest color. ;)

Because of the dark red I had to change the hover color, so I figured that was a good use for the previous yellow.

Let me know if you like/dislike the changes, problems / issues / comments are always welcome.

I *was* thinking of adding a color between the black and blue... (maybe purple, if I can get it to look decent). The point area for it would be 1500+ for teams & 75+ for individuals. It might add a little more color... What do you guys think?

You can post here: Link to discussion thread about Folding Stats v2. Or just send me an email (through the contact us page).


What the.....04.05.04, 12:42pm CST
Now the graphs are showing the proper times before daylight savings... very very very weird...

Anyhow, I fixed another minor bug related to new users. Before the first update would still display them as inactive, and not display their first points on any graphs or tables. That bug has been fixed.

Also I went ahead and color-coded the "new members", though keep in mind any of them listed before last night will probably display inactive until their next update because of the above mentioned bug.

One more little addition...04.04.04, 7:20pm CST
On the use listings page, there is a little dropdown on the left side to display only active users on the team. This kinda gives people a better picture of how people on the team are doing since some teams have a lot of inactive users.

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