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FAH Stats
Update: Current
07.22.17, 6am CDT
Time Now: 7:54am
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EOC Folding @ Home - Stats News & Updates

More Sorting!01.26.05, 9:36pm CST
You can now sort the team list, and also the individual user list pages. Same thing as the team members, just click on a table heading.

It's kind of interesting to see the teams sorted on the 24hr avg. You can see how much of each color there is for the teams very easily, though they are somewhat offset because of the recent big point WUs giving everyone a nice bump in production.

Slow And Steady...01.25.05, 2:06pm CST
I spent an hour or so cleaning up some of the HTML in the various pages. Now all the table headers actually use the TH tag and the font styles are all the same. This cut down on some of the unnecessary alignment tags and such. There shouldn't be any visual change (I checked in both IE & Firefox. People who use other browsers will have to email me if they see something wrong).

On the plus side, you can now sort the stats for the team members. If you hover over the headings you will notice that some are links. Click on one and it will re-sort on that column, with the heading in red. Currently you can sort based on: Rank/Points (same thing) / Pts 24hr avg / Pts Update / Pts Today / Pts Week / WUs Total. I didn't think there would be much of a reason to sort based on the rank change columns.

I'll be making similar coding changes to the team list and individual user list.

On a different note, I also just realized that the folding stats will officially be 2 years old come the 29th of January! How time flies! I'll have to dig up an old screen shot of the original stats pages for you old timers.

Enjoy for now...

Small Update...01.22.05, 2:31pm CST
I just made a slight adjustment to the user list stats. When you filter by "Active Only", the Team Rank is now sequential, when you hover over the rank it will tell you the user's actual team rank. I know it has a label of "Percentage Details" in the header of the popup box, I still need to fix that.

Next up is the sorting of the stats, hopefully those features will be online in a day or two.

FAQ / XML Info Added...01.13.05, 2:02pm CST
After almost a year I finally got around to adding the FAQ back in. Also since the original XML info is no longer displayed in the news posts I made a dedicated page for it.

The XML queries should be pretty easy to figure out. If you don't understand what it is or how it works, then you probably don't need to worry about it. I just provide it for a few people that have requested it in the past.

I'm sure I will add to the FAQ from time to time, however all the information will probably only be relevant to new people that don't fully understand how everything works.

That's all for now... I'll be adding more features when / if I get some free time, but as-is I'm extremely busy right now.

Did a little house cleaning...01.08.05, 11:06am CST
I was finally able to prune out some of the excess data in the user history table. Essentially all data that was older than a couple months was pruned down to only one update per day. This reduced the table size by about half, providing better performance while still maintaing the historical data which may (or may not) be used some time in the future.

Because of how the stats are calculated, and of how I pruned the data, it *is* possible that some of the historical numbers might be slightly shifted from one day to the next (or previous day). It's all really complex to explain, but trust me that everything is okay and you shouldn't worry that your current stats might be wrong.

That's all for now... More to come soon... :)

Happy Holidays!12.28.04, 11:31am CST
I hope everyone has had a nice and safe holiday season. Happy New Years too since it is only a couple days away. ;)

I've been neglecting the folding stats for quite a while now, however they have been running smooth for the most part. I had to prune out some of the old user history data since that table was in excess of 1GB in size! lol... I'm working on a script to archive / consolidate the older data down to save space. I don't want to just keep deleting it since maybe one day I might find some use for it. (I know some people might get a kick out of seeing their production over an entire year).

I'm also going to work on some new graphs that relate to active users, production, and things like that.

I'm loading a copy of the stats on a test machine at home so I can find out what coding changes will need to be made so that I can upgrade to MySQL 4.1, which is something I've been wanting to do.

I still have an old list of other things I've been wanting to do. I just need to find some free time and get myself motivated to do all these changes.

Anyhow, keep up the folding everyone, and as always feel free to drop by the EOC Forums and say hello to your fellow folders and give some suggestions for the stats.

Stanford Issues?10.26.04, 5:16pm CST
I just noticed there was an issue updating the stats. I checked the folding-community website and found this announcement:

There is a problem in Stanford's DNS which is causing a problem in FAH servers. We've have taken the stats update off line as a precautionary measure. This should only be offline for an hour or two.

It's 5pm CDT, and I know for a fact the last update did not finish completely (because I stopped it). I don't know if the next update will be affected or not. Hopefully Stanford will have this issue resolved soon.

More Individual Stats10.22.04, 1:12pm CST
I changed the individual stats to start processing when a team reaches a rank of 800, instead of the previous rank which was 500.

I might add some better logic into the code, to automatically add a team when they break the 1,000 threshold that is moving up a certain amount per day. That way they don't have to wait until they reach 800.

I know, I've been promising more stats stuff, but I've only got two hands, and never enough time.

Working On New Graphs10.12.04, 2:10pm CST
Okay, I finally made the necessary modifications to the database and code to start recording active & total users. So soon a graph can be made showing the users over time.

I've also been working on a graph to show change in rank over time, but it just looks weird, maybe a table would be better or something.

I'm also planning on making a couple pages showing the historical Points/WUs over a longer period of time, just so people can see how their production has changed in the long-term.

I know I still have to make a better "Milestones" page, that's probably the very next thing to do on my list since I have to wait for the historical user/active data to build up.

Anyhow, I'm open to suggestions for other new features with the stats. Just shoot me an email or post it in the forums.

Thanks guys, and keep up all the hard work!

Server Issues...10.07.04, 10:38am CST
There will probably be a slight gap in the stats. The server went haywire this morning, server load shot up, apache wasn't delivering any pages, and mysql was going crazy, among other things.

Anyhow, everything is back under control, and all the data appears to be intact.

This has been a very bad week, just one thing after another...

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