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Frequently Asked Questions

I seem to get a lot of the same questions asked over and over, so I've finally decided to make a FAQ page for everyone. Feel free to email me if you have a question that isn't answered on this page. I won't bite your head off, I'm a nice guy, really...

Q: Why isn't my team's stats listed?
A: I only process teams with a rank of 6,000 or better. When your team reaches that point they are automatically added.

Q: Why don't we have user (individual) stats?
A: Individual stats are added when the team rank reaches at least 800. It is possible for individuals to be added sooner if the team's rank is at least 1,200 AND their rank has gone up by at least 5 spots in the last 7 days. So the more active teams get their users' added sooner.

Q: I'm on Team 0 and I don't have user (individual) stats?
A: Because of the large number of people on that pseudo-team, I only process people on Team 0 with a team rank of 2,000 or better.

Q: Why are my points constantly lower than what is displayed on the Stanford stats page?
A: Stanford only updates their text files for 3rd parties every 3 hours, but the information on the Stanford stats page is more or less real-time.

Q: Why are my points constantly higher than what is displayed on the Stanford stats page?
A: Stanford filters user names that contain an email address or other potential private info. Thus what appears to the average user as dupliucate names on the same team are really different people. Since there is no other unique identifier I simply sum all the stats for duplicate names on the same team to prevent various data corruption issues on my side. This has a potential side-effect of putting a person out of place in the individual stats since I sort that by their individual rank.

Q: I have points under other user names or teams, can I merge my points?
A: Sorry, no. Stanford does not have a system in place at this time to do so, but if they did my stats would adjust accordingly.

Q: Can I display only active members on a team?
A: Yes! There is a "User Filter" drop-down box on the user list page to display all users or active-only.

Q: How often are the EOC Folding stats updated?
A: Every 3 hours, starting at 12 midnight central time (GMT -6). The text in the upper left corner displays general info about processing times. NOTE: The time does shift by an hour during daylight savings. Stanford only updates their data files every 3 hours, so don't ask if I can update it hourly.

Q: How do you calculate the averages?
A: A 24hr average is simply the past 7 day's total divided by 7. I tried linear regression and other techniques but the numbers all came out so close it was not worth the extra processing or complexities in the code.

Q: Why don't you show the number of active CPUs like Stanford does?
A: Stanford does not provide that info via their 3rd party feeds, thus I have no way of displaying it. Sorry.

Q: Can I sort the stats ranked by something other than points?
A: Yes! Click on a column heading and it will resort the stats based on that. Not all columns are sortable though, but most are.

Q: My stats aren't updating, something is broken with your stats, you need to fix them now!
A: No, sorry... More than likely it is a problem with the data feed from Stanford (it is a common occurrence). Sometimes they pause the updates when they are doing work on their stats server or if it gets bogged down. Issues like that are beyond my control.

Q: I really like your stats and use them every day, can I donate some money to compensate you for your hard work and continuing effort to improve the stats?
A: Sure, there is a PayPal link on the left side-bar. Feel free to send however much or little you feel is appropriate.

Q: How much historical data do you store?
A: It depends on the individual / team, however the oldest data currently in the database is from May 1st, 2004. I'm hoping to keep as much historical data as I can.

Q: Can I use your data for my own stats projects?
A: Certain data is provided in a limited XML form to any individual who wants to use them. Simply duplicating some (or all) pages is strictly prohibited, be it from utilizing XML feeds or screen-scraping. Please visit the XML info page for more info. When in doubt, just email me.

Q: When did you start the folding stats?
A: The first version of the folding stats went online January 29th, 2003. The new and improved v2 happened mid-February 2004.

Q: Your stats look almost exactly like I've seen on another stats site! What gives?
A: I developed these stats from the ground up, more than likely the other site you saw is attempting to duplicate mine (which I suppose immitation is the best form of flattery). I don't really mind since it is all for a good cause. However, giving credit where credit is due would be nice.

Q: How do the EOC folding stats work?
A: The folding stats use PHP and MySQL for the most part. Graphs are generated by a package called ChartDirector, and the hovering boxes are accomplished by a javascript library called overLIB.

Q: Just how much teams / users / data are we talking about processing here?
A: Check out the Stats Database Info page for more info about that.

Q: Are you part of the Stanford team?
A: No, I am in no way affiliated with Stanford or any of the members of the Pande group.

Q: Where do I report problems or make suggestions?
A: You can always email me (Jason Rabel) via the "Contact Us" page, or there is a dedicated section in the EOC Forum for folding stats support. Please note that you will need to register with the forum before posting.

Q: I think someone is ripping off your stats, or doing something they shouldn't be!
A: Best course of action would be to email me (see above), please provide as much information as possible. Things like this are *very* rare, but have happened in the past.


FAQ last updated: January 4, 2010

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