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FAH Stats
Update: Current
03.30.17, 6pm CDT
Time Now: 7:32pm
Next Run: 87 min

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UPDATE: Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The front page has been updated with new information!

General F@H Database Statistics

I figured I could make a page giving some rough statistics for database usage & processing time. Some people don't fully realize the scope of these stats and the enormous amount of data that is being stored and processed. I'll try to add more info to this page when I think of new things (or people email me with suggestions).


Update Statistics
Newest Update 03.30.17, 6:00pm
Time To Process 19 min
Oldest Update 05.01.04, 12:00am
Total Updates 37,629
Total Days 4,703.625


The number of teams may be above 6,000 (currently processing 7,401) because I only prune lower-ranking teams & members once in a blue moon. As you can see there are 600,047 users being processed, multiply that by 8 updates a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and you can see why there are millions of rows of data!


Table Records Size
Team Current 7,401 1.2 MB
Team Historical 40,925,031 1.6 GB
User Current 600,047 84.9 MB
User Historical 2,171,313,362 77.3 GB


The historical user data isn't even as large as it *could* be, if a user's points or rank doesn't change then no new data is inserted. Unfortunately I've had to prune the tables over the years, and as of right now user data only goes back to 2013, and team data to 2008. One day I hope to add more stats pages so that a person can look back at stats from a year ago (or longer), and see how much they have accomplished. Until then the most I can do is just store as much data as possible, because if I don't then it is lost for good.

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